Season 1

October 02, 2021

Episode 5 Updated Show, New Release and Invisible Mick Jagger

Giving you some new announcements for Brew City and Chicagoland areas. Tracks from Neck Wrung, Vein.FM and Kublai Khan. Always talkin shit as expected regarding new releases, music news and current events.

September 25, 2021

Episode 4 New Releases, Spiritbox? Never heard of Her...

Dan talks new releases this week. Tracks from Enervate, Section H8, and Stick To Your Guns. Show updates and of course talkin' shit about everything!

September 04, 2021

Episode Launch Welcome to the Crisis Crew

This is the launch Episode. Dan discusses what the podcast is all about. He talks about who's coming to town in September, COVID, metal, hardcore and more.