Oct. 30, 2021

Episode 9 Website Launch, New Features and I'm Bringin' It Back

Episode 9 Website Launch, New Features and I'm Bringin' It Back

Dan discusses the new website launch and it'd interactive features.  You can leave an audio message for the crew, rate the podcast, submit your band's track for a future episode and more. Featured band this episode is Brew City's own Knights. Also tracks from Disdain and the new release from Comeback Kid. We are bringin' shit back!

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We are a 5 Piece metalcore/ metallic hardcore band from Greenfield WI. This band started back in a basement in December of 2018, with lead guitarist (Joe Howland) and drummer(Bobby Skubal). It started out as a 2 piece with the plan to write everything ourselves with the idea of asking people to be featured. Over the first 6 months many jams were recorded and it showed us that needing more than the 2 of us would be ideal. in September of 2019 Matt Thigpen was added as the vocalist. Over the next 6 months after that, us 3 worked diligently on writing our debut EP Shards.

We are currently working on a 2nd EP with added members Tommy Lemmer as bassist and Luke Schneider as second guitarist. The ep is all but finished just needs some finishing touches