Midwest Crisis Podcast

Midwest Crisis Podcast

Welcome to the Crisis Crew! On this podcast we discuss all topics related to metal and hardcore music. We also discuss new releases, upcoming venues and current events in the Milwaukee & Chicago area, as well as nationwide. Never apologetic, gritty, and bluntly honest, this webcast is not for the easily offended. So grab a helmet and buckle up. Who knows? You may actually like this shit storm of a podcast. Hosted By Dan Sizemore.


Episode 22 New Releases, Email Replies and Hulu's Pistol Review

June 18, 2022

Dan talks show announcements, new releases and Hulu. Featured tracks from Beyond Belief, Life's Question, To The Dogs, Mad World, Dead Reprise, Coldview and Empty Cages. Enjoy the episode. www.midwestcrisispodcast.com

Episode 21 The Triumphant Return With New Hardcore For Ya!

May 29, 2022

After a well needed break Dan is back with more tracks than a street junkie. Featuring Paleface, Vatican, Ill Vision, Lowlife, Speed, Deviant, Side Eye, Wise Up, Killing Pace, D-Bloc and Eyes Front. So much hardcore you'll n…

Episode 20 Favorite Releases and Catching Up on Metal Headlines

April 10, 2022

This Episode's feature track is brough to you by Hollow Grin from Dresden, Germany. A brand spankin' new track from Beast From The East! Also featuring tracks from Model Prisoner, Head High, Nuthin' but Enemies and Staredown…

Guest: Hollow Grin

Episode 19 New Releases and Latest Brew City Show Updates

March 31, 2022

Dan's bringing you the latest tracks from Just Right, Paleface, Mortal Hatred, and Straight Opposition. New show announcements for the Milwaukee area. Don't forget to check out the website! www.midwestcrisispodcast.com

Episode 18 This Weeks New Releases and Ramblings on Russia

March 19, 2022

This week's episode is bringing you tracks from Crooked, Cold View, Get Some, Hostilities, Knull and Burning Limbs. As always Dan talks new releases and always talkin' shit about what's new in metal news. www.midwestcrisispo…

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